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Welcome to MurderMystery.co.za – Home of the original murder mystery dinner parties in South Africa since 1990.

We’ve hosted a variety of themed murder mystery parties for all occasions, from birthday and Year End functions to corporate team building parties and much more.

Our Murder Mystery dinner parties work best with groups in increments 8 people. As long as all members of your party can read English and basically understand what they read then they can take part, regardless of age, gender, culture or occupation.

We host a simple, no-frills style of Murder Mystery that allows us to keep our events affordable.

Prior to all of our murder mystery corporate team building events your guests will be sent an invitation detailing the character that they will be playing on the night, as well as costume suggestions as guests need to source their own costumes.

Your guests then arrive dressed as their character on the night of the dinner party and set about trying to prove their innocence!

The set up of “the crime scene” for your team building events can be in a wide variety of venues and locations throughout South Africa. All we ask is that your venue has full privacy, good lighting, and has comfortable seating arrangements conducive to good communication. If you don’t have a specific venue in mind for hosting your corporate team building event then we’re happy to suggest a list of potential venues for you.

Each event will normally last for around 3 hours so ensure that you allow yourselves plenty of time to enjoy the fun and frolics of the murder mystery dinner party!

Take a look at our list of party themes and see what takes your fancy, or feel free to contact us for further information about what we offer and how you can book your party.


Top Games

Saturday Night Cleaver

Saturday Night Cleaver

You are so invited to shake your thing at a special disco party at the one and only Flunkytown Disco, the hottest dance club in da’ Bronx.
As owner of Flunkytown, you can bet I’ll be your boogie man on the dance floor all night long, as always.

The Class of 54

Class of 54

It is 1959 in a small town in the USA during the height of the rock ’n roll era. The class of 1954 has scheduled its 5th year reunion to coincide with the return to town of Rockford “Rock” N. Roley, the famous rock “n” roll star. A group of Rock’s…

The Hollywood Premier of Powar and Greede

Hollywood Premier: Powar and Greede

It is 1936 at the famous Powar Gardens Theater in Hollywood. The celebrities are gathered for the gala premier of the film “Powar and Greed”.
A small private party for the cast, to be hosted by the famous film director…


The Chigago Caper

The Chicago Caper

It is September 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. Six months have passed since the notorious Chicago gangster, Harold “Hal” Coppone, was jailed in Philadelphia for the relatively minor offence of carrying an unlicensed gun. His release is expected…


The Grapes of Frath

The Grapes of Frath

It is June 1925, aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Archibald Bemmington Frath, the internationally famous distributor of champagne and fine wines, and the owner of the multinational corporate enterprise “Grapes of Frath”, has…

The Wall Street Scandal

The Wall Street Scandal

It is Tuesday, 20th October 1987, the day after the stock market crash known as “Black Monday”

Mega rich financier, Jon K Bonds has called an emergency meeting of his investor group, to plot their strategy in the aftermath of the crash. But before the esteemed group can ………….


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