Here at Murder Mystery we love nothing more than donning our metaphorical detective caps and getting stuck into a good murder mystery story. Our murder mystery nights are a lot of fun, whether you’re doing some corporate bonding or doing something a bit different for your birthday! We take our inspiration from some of the finest fictional detectives in the literary world…

  • Sherlock Holmes: This infamous detective is the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and has been the inspiration for many other fictional investigative characters since he first appeared in the late 1800s. Holmes is well known for his logical reasoning, early use of forensic science, and of course his flamboyant dress sense. Accompanied by his sidekick, Dr Watson, Holmes has solved many murder mysteries in both the books and the various TV series that have been made.
  • Miss Marple: Jane Marple was created by Agatha Christie and appeared in 12 novels and 20 short stories. Marple is an elderly spinster who fills her free time by solving the various mysteries that take place in her fictional home town of St Mary Mead. In a genre which is overly dominated by male lead characters, Miss Marple is a refreshing alternative. She is a well-bred, well-educated older woman who applies her wit, experience, and knowledge to crime-solving.
  • Hercule Poirot: Another of Agatha Christie’s creations, Poirot is the Belgian detective who solves crimes with his use of logical reasoning, or what he calls ‘order and method’. Poirot has featured in 33 novels and 50 short stories in the 55 years since his creation, making him one of the most well-known fictional detectives.
  • Dick Tracy: The crime novels featuring Dick Tracy take place in Chicago in the 1930s, in a fictional world full of grotesque and cruel villains and people backstabbing one another. In the later instalments of the series, Dick Tracy not only relies on his wit and cunning, but on his fancy detective gadgetry too in the quest to fight crime.
  • Inspector Clouseau: Not known for his wit, Clouseau is the epitome of the bumbling detective. He fails at even the most basic investigative tasks, but somehow always seems to come out ahead and solve the case in the end! Clouseau started out as a character in the original The Pink Panther movie in 1963, and was given his own series after that.

The big difference between these characters and our murder mystery is that you will need to prove your innocence by proving someone else GUILTY………………

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