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Four Infamous Real Murder Mysteries

The joy of murder mysteries is based in the fact that everyone who takes part is actually entirely safe, and by the end of the evening, you’ll have successfully figured out who the ‘murderer’ is. Many murder mysteries take their inspiration from a mixture of crime novels and actual murder mysteries. Some of them are solved by police forces instantly, some take a few weeks or months, but some are never solved. These creepy cases that even now cannot be solved have massively influenced TV shows, books and film, as well as various murder mystery plots. Read the rest of this entry

Most Obvious Murder Motives

Usually there’s a motive behind a murder. In the vast majority of cases there is usually some purpose behind the crime, something has triggered the act, and made a person want to kill.

Attend a murder mystery evening and knowing some of the main reasons for murder could be useful as you start to unravel the clues. To give you some idea, we list the most popular motives for murder right here.

Read these motives, see if you agree with them, and feel free to come up with a few of your own.   Read the rest of this entry

What makes a really good detective?

One of the greatest challenges of a murder mystery dinner is trying to detect the obvious whilst picking up on essential clues. Some people make brilliant amateur detectives, others fall at the first red herring and haven’t got any idea who has committed the crime. You need a specific set of skills to be effective as a detective.  It’d be criminal not to mention them in this blog.   Read the rest of this entry

5 Famous fictional detectives

Here at Murder Mystery we love nothing more than donning our metaphorical detective caps and getting stuck into a good murder mystery story. Our murder mystery nights are a lot of fun, whether you’re doing some corporate bonding or doing something a bit different for your birthday! We take our inspiration from some of the finest fictional detectives in the literary world…

  • Sherlock Holmes: This infamous detective is the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and has been the inspiration for many other fictional investigative characters since he first appeared in the late 1800s. Holmes is well known for his logical reasoning, early use of forensic science, and of course his flamboyant dress sense. Accompanied by his sidekick, Dr Watson, Holmes has solved many murder mysteries in both the books and the various TV series that have been made.
  • Miss Marple: Jane Marple was created by Agatha Christie and appeared in 12 novels and 20 short stories. Marple is an elderly spinster who fills her free time by solving the various mysteries that take place in her fictional home town of St Mary Mead. In a genre which is overly dominated by male lead characters, Miss Marple is a refreshing alternative. She is a well-bred, well-educated older woman who applies her wit, experience, and knowledge to crime-solving.
  • Hercule Poirot: Another of Agatha Christie’s creations, Poirot is the Belgian detective who solves crimes with his use of logical reasoning, or what he calls ‘order and method’. Poirot has featured in 33 novels and 50 short stories in the 55 years since his creation, making him one of the most well-known fictional detectives.
  • Dick Tracy: The crime novels featuring Dick Tracy take place in Chicago in the 1930s, in a fictional world full of grotesque and cruel villains and people backstabbing one another. In the later instalments of the series, Dick Tracy not only relies on his wit and cunning, but on his fancy detective gadgetry too in the quest to fight crime.
  • Inspector Clouseau: Not known for his wit, Clouseau is the epitome of the bumbling detective. He fails at even the most basic investigative tasks, but somehow always seems to come out ahead and solve the case in the end! Clouseau started out as a character in the original The Pink Panther movie in 1963, and was given his own series after that.

The big difference between these characters and our murder mystery is that you will need to prove your innocence by proving someone else GUILTY………………

The History of Cluedo

One of the most popular mystery board games, Cluedo has provided hours of enjoyment for a number of generations across the globe. At Murder Mystery we love the chance to solve a good mystery, which is why we decided to have a deeper look into the history of Cluedo.



(via Birmingham Mail)


When was it in invented?

Cluedo was invented in 1946 when a solicitors’ clerk went to the firm Waddingtons Games in the UK. The firm specialised in producing new games so with the idea of a mystery detection game, Anthony E. Pratt, his wife and friends impressed the employees at Waddingtons resulting in the game being produced and sold to a mass market.


Why the name?

Cluedo is a play on words of ‘clue’ and ‘ludo’, the Latin for ‘I play’. Due to the nature of the game, Waddingtons Games thought the name fit perfectly with the incentive and aim of the game. It is still known as Cluedo in more than forty countries around the world, although some refer to it simply as ‘Clue’ which is the American name.


Who are the characters?

There are usually six main players in the board game, each with their own coloured piece:

  • Miss Scarlet: portrayed as the femme fatale, this red player is known for being highly attractive, young and cunning.
  • Reverend Green: his character deviates between a somewhat hypocritical vicar and a rather money-hungry businessman, coloured in green.
  • Professor Plum: the absent-minded professor who is the intellectual of the game, whether young or old, with a rather preppy persona, in purple.
  • Colonel Mustard: a rather dangerous but vigilant military man, acting as an imperialist or great white hunter, clothed in yellow.
  • Mrs Peacock: a most dignified elderly woman known for her grande dame status and treasured appearance, being in blue.
  • Mrs White: the rather bustling and flustered servant, she is often considered as a middle-aged cook and is the white player.



(via Board Game Geek)


Where else has it appeared?

The game was met with huge success by people of all ages and is still regularly purchased and played today. Many spinoffs have been subsequently produced by the ownership companies, Waddingtons Games, Parker Brothers, and Hasbro. By 1985, the brand started to expand, creating a feature film, television series, musical, and a number of books, all based around the original idea.


As well as these, various related games have been released such as a Junior version, card games, specific storyline ones, and other different branded features. Other merchandise pays tribute to the game, including toys, clothing, umbrellas and gift items. Even now, the game has become such a brand that it can be seen on anything from mugs to pens.


Take part in your own detective game by joining one of our murder mystery party nights. At Murder Mystery our events can be held at a variety of venues and locations across South Africa, and are suitable for all occasions from birthday or holiday celebrations, to corporate team building events. Contact us today for more information.

Why all the Fascination with Murder Mystery?

It’s safe to say that murder mystery fiction has a rich and enthralling history. From the carefully crafted characters of Agatha Christie to the mystery and intrigue woven by Raymond Chandler, stories of murder and consequences have fascinated us all for generations.

The murder mystery has firmly permeated societal culture, and entertained us all for generations. The board game, Clue, is the second highest selling board game of all time. Television dramas riddled with immersive plots, whodunits that keep our attention firmly fixed on the events unfolding in front if our eyes, and engaging murder mystery weekends have never been more popular.

So, where does our fascination with murder mysteries stem from?

One of the oldest biblical stories recounts the story of murder most foul. Cain’s killing of his brother, Abel, is one of the oldest known murder stories. The motives and repercussions of the act are explored in the story.

All great stories provide true escapism from the routine of everyday life. Murder mystery tales, however they’re told, make us appreciate how precious life really is and, that in the grand scheme of things, the stresses are hardly worth expelling the amount of energy that we tend to do throughout times of stress in our lives.

Another prominent reason for our fascination with death is associated with the fundamental meaning of life, what happens when we die? Explored in religions the world over, the afterlife remains a mystery, with opinions divided between the scientific and religious communities. There is, simply, no definitive answer. The mystery of the great unknown has fascinated academics and free-thinkers alike throughout recorded history.

Murder mysteries appeal to both professional and amateur sleuths. Today, many crimes have remained unsolved, and those with an inquisitive mind and eye for details devote a great deal of their lives to solving such riddles. It’s the challenge that appeals.

The good news for those that enjoy solving the mystery is that the murder mystery as a story in its various guises isn’t going anywhere. Best-selling fiction, television programmes, movies providing marvellous escapism and murder mystery weekends are as popular today as they’ve ever been.

Why all the fascination with murder mystery? We suspect that’s it’s the intrigue, combined with the opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves into a whole new world, and to use intellect to solve a seemingly baffling crime.