The murder mystery is one of the more potent and exciting storylines. Creating the right framework and executing all the elements of the story to the letter is essential. Here are the main points to consider.

The Theme or Mood of the Mystery

In simply terms, the mood or theme determines the precise content or historical context which the story is told. There is a wealth of options available to choose from. Such settings should allow all participants to immerse themselves in the plot. Popular murder mystery themes include stories set in the roaring twenties or those that draw inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood.

The Location

The setting is that you decide to tell the story is paramount. Good fiction is both absorbing, and transports you to a place of curiosity and intrigue. Having a peep into the homes of the rich and famous is favoured, as is solving the riddle in ancient Roman times.

The Scene of the Crime

The scene of the crime is also an essential aspect of creating an engaging plot. The place where the body is discovered not only provides vital clues for amateur sleuths but is a great opportunity for storytellers to inject some creativity into the tale that they’re telling.

The Cause of Death

The manner in which the ill-fated victim meets their end will be revealed over the course of the story. There are a number of different ways to divulge this information. Writers have proven to be very creative in victims’ causes of death. Indeed, from falling from a great height to poisoning there is a wealth of different ways to commit the crime. As the story unfolds additional details should be added to flesh out the nature of the crime. Astute plot tools include police and coroner reports, and newscasts.

Any Clues Found

Physical clues found in and around the body are vital for developing the mystery. What objects are in the vicinity? The position the body was found is also imperative. Were any objects found in the pockets of the victim? The personal effects of the victim may also be pivotal clues. In most good mysteries belongings like a locket can link the perpetrator to the victim.

These are just a few of the ways that an intriguing murder mystery tale can be told. There is a certain formula to telling a murder mystery story, and this fact is no more apparent than in the plot of the story.

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