Murder Mystery evenings are fun, social occasions, you get the chance to play the role of detective, look for clues, question suspects, and the ultimate aim of the evening is to solve a crime.

Whereas a murder mystery evening is fun, real life killings are chilling. Acts of crime are committed by cold, calculating individuals, sometimes events unfold in the heat of the moment; in a high percentage of cases, it’s hard to understand what is going on inside the mind of a killer.

Say you were a criminal psychologist though. Suppose you were highly experienced in the field of forensic profiling and studied the behaviour and patterns of people who committed murder and seemingly showed no remorse, wouldn’t that place you right into the mind of a murderer?

Experts in the field of psychology work alongside police to help them catch murderers, they get to know why people commit crimes, and they use logic to unravel the clues.

Murderers usually have these traits –

  • Psychotic personalities
  • The feeling they will never be caught
  • Cold, calculating minds
  • A lack of empathy
  • A sense of purpose

Psychologists assist detectives working on murder cases by creating profiles to help catch killers. In many cases, the profile is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, the location of the crime, the timeline, and the way the crime was carried out can all be used to create a profile of the person that committed the atrocity.

A profile can be useful in a murder investigation, eliminating target groups, and helping to prevent wasted time.  Psychology plays a huge part in helping to catch serial murderers, and you can use a little of your own psychology when you attend one of our events at Murder Mystery.

Aim to get into the mind of suspects, ask plenty of questions, take notes, and consider all of the evidence that is presented to you.  Put a suspect under pressure using a touch of reverse psychology and they are sure to trip up and make a mistake at some point!

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