Trust us, the best way to enjoy a Murder Mystery dinner is to embrace this wonderful experience and immerse yourself fully into the evening that lies ahead. Whether you have paid to go on a murder mystery evening or been told you’ll be taking part by a well-meaning boss, let go of those inhibitions and have as much fun as you can joining in with your fellow guests.

There are right and wrong ways to feel included at a sleuthing event. Steer clear of these fiendish fails if you want to have an amazing time.

Not dressing the part

You’ve been assigned a part, you know the murder mystery evening has a specific theme and is set in a certain period so dress to impress for the occasion. Avoid wearing modern clothing if you are attending a 1920’s themed mystery, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and get funny looks from fellow players.

Plan your outfit in advance. If you need a tweed jacket, a 1940’s dress or a disco suit from the 1970s, start looking for your murder mystery outfit as soon as you physically can.

Not listening to clues

Pay attention during the murder mystery evening. Listen carefully to all the players assigned key roles and take plenty of notes as the event unfolds. Sit there ignoring the chat and fail to follow the plot closely and you haven’t got a chance of working out whodunit.

Clues can be subtle or blatantly obvious. Stay alert and you’ll stay one step ahead of the game.

Not reading the script

If you are allocated a part as a player during the murder mystery make the effort to read your lines.

People take these events seriously and you’ll spoil it for other people if you don’t treat it as such and learn your lines. The very least you can do is to have an idea of what your character is all about and gain a little insight into the plot.

Drinking too much alcohol

Drink yourself into a stupor during a murder mystery corporate event and this is likely to be frowned upon by senior management. They want people to have a good time but they don’t want the evening to be ruined by drunken players that have lost all sense of responsibility.

Have too much to drink and you’ll miss all the clues, won’t know what’s happening and this could be annoying for other fellow players. Have a drink by all means just stay in control. Wait until the murder mystery part of the evening is finished before you get stuck into the free bar.

Spoiling the plot

Think you’ve worked out who the murderer is? Tell this to your team members if you are working together as a group, don’t mention it to everyone at the murder mystery evening though. People taking part in murder mystery events like to work things out on their own, it kind of spoils things if you give the game away too early.

It might be glaringly obvious to you the vicar killed the maid but other guests might not be as quick with their powers of deduction. Write down who you think the killer is, you can hand this in later and keep the plot going until the end of the event.

Not being actively involved

Don’t be a grump. You’ve turned up to the mystery evening so play an active part. Everyone else is in exactly the same boat and once you get into the spirit of things you’ll suddenly realise a murder mystery event is tons of fun.

Think what Sherlock Holmes would do, use questioning skills and a little logic to reveal the killer.  Bet you’ll be that entertained you’ll want to do this all over again!

For help planning a murder mystery evening get in touch and we guarantee a killer of an evening. 

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