One of the most popular mystery board games, Cluedo has provided hours of enjoyment for a number of generations across the globe. At Murder Mystery we love the chance to solve a good mystery, which is why we decided to have a deeper look into the history of Cluedo.



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When was it in invented?

Cluedo was invented in 1946 when a solicitors’ clerk went to the firm Waddingtons Games in the UK. The firm specialised in producing new games so with the idea of a mystery detection game, Anthony E. Pratt, his wife and friends impressed the employees at Waddingtons resulting in the game being produced and sold to a mass market.


Why the name?

Cluedo is a play on words of ‘clue’ and ‘ludo’, the Latin for ‘I play’. Due to the nature of the game, Waddingtons Games thought the name fit perfectly with the incentive and aim of the game. It is still known as Cluedo in more than forty countries around the world, although some refer to it simply as ‘Clue’ which is the American name.


Who are the characters?

There are usually six main players in the board game, each with their own coloured piece:

  • Miss Scarlet: portrayed as the femme fatale, this red player is known for being highly attractive, young and cunning.
  • Reverend Green: his character deviates between a somewhat hypocritical vicar and a rather money-hungry businessman, coloured in green.
  • Professor Plum: the absent-minded professor who is the intellectual of the game, whether young or old, with a rather preppy persona, in purple.
  • Colonel Mustard: a rather dangerous but vigilant military man, acting as an imperialist or great white hunter, clothed in yellow.
  • Mrs Peacock: a most dignified elderly woman known for her grande dame status and treasured appearance, being in blue.
  • Mrs White: the rather bustling and flustered servant, she is often considered as a middle-aged cook and is the white player.



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Where else has it appeared?

The game was met with huge success by people of all ages and is still regularly purchased and played today. Many spinoffs have been subsequently produced by the ownership companies, Waddingtons Games, Parker Brothers, and Hasbro. By 1985, the brand started to expand, creating a feature film, television series, musical, and a number of books, all based around the original idea.


As well as these, various related games have been released such as a Junior version, card games, specific storyline ones, and other different branded features. Other merchandise pays tribute to the game, including toys, clothing, umbrellas and gift items. Even now, the game has become such a brand that it can be seen on anything from mugs to pens.


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