Sherlock Holmes might have been a fictional detective but his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, armed Baker Street’s finest with a multi-array of skills, enabling him to use deduction, and solve the most complex of crimes.

Learn some of these skills and you might just find they come in handy the next time you attend a murder mystery dinner, which adds to the fun factor, and makes you look like a master sleuth.

If you want to sleuth like Sherlock pay attention to the following details and learn how to become a great detective.

Observation is everything

Sherlock Holmes had a number of skills and one of the most useful, for the purpose of solving crimes, was his power of observation. He would analyse details in a matter of minutes, observe the simplest of factors and piece this information together to reach a conclusion.

To put this into some kind of context, if you use observation skills at a murder mystery dinner, and pay close attention to the tiniest details, you are more likely to deduce who has committed the crime.

Examine the basics  

Holmes had a famous word he liked to use. This word was elementary. In the detective novels, Holmes would explore the simplest aspects of each individual case, taking an elementary approach to sleuthing. This would involve him examining the basics before moving onto more complex details that would eventually help him to solve the case.

Attend a murder mystery evening and it’s not a bad idea to follow Sherlock’s example. Cover the basics, and use the power of ‘elementary’ reasoning to work out what’s going on as the plot unfolds.

Stay focused

One thing Sherlock Holmes did particularly well was focus on the task in hand. He was brilliant at sitting back and using all of his senses to focus on suspects or vital clues. Holmes never missed a trick, by focussing intently on subjects his managed to fine tune his observational skills, which made him a fabulous detective.

Adopt the same approach when you attend a Murder Mystery evening and you are less likely to miss anything important, you’ll soon become a super sleuth!

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