Learning how to spot a liar is one thing. Establishing yourself as a liar is a something else. Most people are honest and they wouldn’t consider telling an untruth. The average person finds lying difficult which is kind of awkward if you are asked to play a role at a Murder Mystery evening.

Learn a little about the psychology of lying though and before you know it you’ll be telling ‘whoppers’ to fellow guests at the event. What’s more, you’ll enjoy deceiving them and part of the fun is trying to hoodwink people if you have been assigned a role at a dinner where guests are dropping like flies.

To be good at lying you need to…


Liars are caught out when they let their focus slip. Bad liars give themselves away. They can’t cope with the pressure of the situation. They lose focus and want the moment of interrogation to be over quickly.

People that enjoy lying are different. They take some kind of weird pleasure from deceiving people. You don’t have to go this far but try to remain focused when placed under pressure and you should get away with those lies.

Only lie when you have to

Most liars are caught out because they can’t stop telling fibs. The process snowballs, they tell so many lies they eventually become unstuck and get caught out by their own deviousness.

Try to avoid lying unless you have to have. Keep the lies down to the bare minimum to sound plausible.

Arm yourself with facts

Liars often come unstuck when they fail to remember key facts. Create an alibi and stick to it. Learn the facts inside out and never waiver from this path. Don’t try to elaborate or change the facts in the heat of the moment, you’ll slip up and this will be a sure-fire giveaway.

Stay in control of signals

This is one of the hardest things to do as a liar, if you can master this you’ll be able to fib with confidence. Non-verbal signals are things like touching your nose, fidgeting or breaking eye contact just as you are telling a whopper. Anyone interrogating you will quickly pick up on these actions.

Signals are hard to master but you should at least attempt to mask them if you are going to make a believable Murder Mystery player.

Why not try some of these skills the next time you attend a Murder Mystery dinner? Make life as difficult as possible for all those amateur sleuths!

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