Usually there’s a motive behind a murder. In the vast majority of cases there is usually some purpose behind the crime, something has triggered the act, and made a person want to kill.

Attend a murder mystery evening and knowing some of the main reasons for murder could be useful as you start to unravel the clues. To give you some idea, we list the most popular motives for murder right here.

Read these motives, see if you agree with them, and feel free to come up with a few of your own.  


Some murders are committed as an act of revenge, usually by somebody who believes they have been wronged at some point in the past. They could initiate the murder as a revenge for themselves, friends or family, and kill on demand simply because they feel an injustice has been completed in the past. Revenge is a powerful motive for murder.


Human nature is a complex thing. We are driven by different sets of emotions, some are good and others are less desirable. Greed is one of our least savoury character traits. A greedy person could be driven to murder to inherit a personal fortune, especially if they are the main benefactor in a will. People have been known to murder with money as the main motivation.


Crimes of passion are usually committed in the heat of the moment. A furious husband for example finds out his wife is having an affair and kills her in a fit of rage. Other premeditated murders are committed out of love. Victims are killed because they are a nuisance, they’re in the way, and they prevent the murderer from being with the person they love.

Fear of discovery

Do you have a hidden past or keep a secret you don’t want anybody to know about? Could this motivate you enough to commit a murder if you thought your cover was about to be blown?  Stranger things have happened. Some people go to extreme levels to protect hidden secrets.  Murder is the ultimate way to mute a victim. It stops them from becoming a whistleblower.

Hate, Loathing or Obsession

People are different. You’ll get on well with some personalities in life but clash with others. It’s rare you will get on well with every single person you meet in life.  Most level headed folk will accept this but other, slightly unhinged people can develop a hatred or deep-rooted loathing of a person, they might be jealous of them, become obsessed with them, and this could lead to a very dangerous outcome.

Hate, loathing and obsessive behaviour patterns are strong murder motives, could the killer at your next murder mystery party have any of these traits?

Whatever the motive, look out for the clues at a Murder Mystery Dinner party and you’ll soon spot the killer lurking.

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