One of the easiest ways to catch the killer at a murder mystery evening is to ask the right types of questions.  Sure, you can put your detective skills to great use, observe people, examine the basics and focus on events as they unfold, but you need to ask multiple questions as well, to finally unmask the villain.

Don’t just ask random questions though. Choose your line of interrogation carefully and go armed with sensible but practical questions that should reveal a few facts, to help you solve the crime.

Get answers to these questions and pretty soon you’ll begin to form a clear picture of who the murderer is, way before your fellow sleuths.

Are you related to the victim?

Here’s a good one to start off with. Establish if the person you are questioning is related to the victim in any way. This might not be revealed at the start of the evening but after a little probing, you might establish some kind of blood connection, which could have serious implications if a will is involved.

Did you know about the will?

Be blunt and ask people if they could possibly gain to benefit from the victim’s death. They might be mentioned in the will, more importantly, they might already know they are due to inherit a small fortune – this is a good reason to bump somebody off.

When did you last see the victim?

Establish a timeline of events. Ask around and speak to various characters during the evening. If the person you are speaking to was the last person to see the victim alive, there’s a strong argument they could be the killer, or at the very least, they’ve witnessed something important, which could help the investigation.

Where were you when the victim died?

This is a vital question to ask suspects. See where they were at the time of the killing. If they stammer over their answer, seem a little vague or merely state they were home alone, can you be sure they are telling the truth?

Can you corroborate this?

Always back up the “Where were you when the victim died” question with, “Can you corroborate this?”  People are going to lie to hide the truth. So you need an independent party that can verify if the suspect is telling the biggest whoppers of their life. If somebody vouches for them they should be in the clear. Unless there are multiple parties involved in the murder of course!

Did you ever quarrel with the victim?     

Try to find out what the suspect’s relationship was like with the murdered party. The odd tiff doesn’t count, but if the two of them were seriously at war with each other, this could be one of the strongest motives for murder.

Do you know anyone that might have a reason to harm the victim?

This is always worth a shot. If you really think the suspect is innocent, ask them if they know anyone that might be guilty of the crime. They could be eager to spill the beans to the right person, and have their own suspicions about fellow suspects. If more than one person raises concerns about one suspect in particular, could this be the murderer in the midst?

Hope these questions help the next time you attend a murder mystery dinner. At the very least, they should give you a few clues.

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