Murder mystery dinner parties are a great way to bond people together. The shared experience is one that will not be soon forgotten. Rewarding your employees with an invitation to such an engaging event after years of faithful service is a unique and original way to strengthen internal relationships.

Organising the Event

To enhance the ambiance of the event why not design bespoke invitations and deliver to them to their intended recipients in a secretive manner? Be unpredictable in the way that you distribute your invitations. This sets the tone and mood of the occasion.

Decorating the Dinner     

The atmosphere of the event is greatly enhanced by the approach taken to decorate the environment. Draw inspiration from some of the more celebrated fictional murder mystery stories. Props add an extra element as does a foreboding decor one that creates a feeling of uncertainty. Halloween themes create that creepy air of mystery.

The Meal

The meal is a time when tensions will be running high. Everyone will be aware of what’s round the corner. Take the opportunity to build the tension with a themed menu and choice of named dishes. You could even mirror the tone or ethos of your brand with deliciously devilish names for your dishes.

Dinner conversation is a good opportunity to size up the characters around you. Clues could be laid for future events, or the number of dishes on your menu could reflect the mystery scenes that are about to unfold.

A good mystery dinner should last between 2-3 hours. This allows the participants to savour the food and size up their fellow guests. Normally as the meal is being enjoyed a clue will be divulged between each course.  Putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together requires a keen and intuitive mind.

The Benefits of a Murder Mystery Dinner  

There are numerous reasons to organise a corporate murder mystery dinner. You offer a setting for everyone to get to know each other better, outside the workplace environment. Such an event demonstrates that your company cares about their employees, and that their loyalty is valued. Once the mystery has been unravelled, it’s a good time to show your appreciation by presenting the winner with a gift!

A well organised and executed murder mystery dinner is a great opportunity to get everyone that works together in one place for a fun and engaging social occasion that won’t be easily forgotten!

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