What is A Murder Dinner

Whilst at one stage or another we know someone who we feel we would like to bump off ! A murder dinner is not that opportunity.

The fun actually starts when your guests are provided with special character invites. These are usually handed out about a week before the function to allow guests time to put together their character and costume.

The guests arrive dressed in their character role and the real action now kicks in as each person tries to prove their innocence by proving someone else at their table guilty !

The murder plot is played over a meal (from simple menus to five course gourmet meals). A “murder” is announced and this becomes an excuse for the guests to enter a period, during which they tend to divulge the biggest lot of fabrications, deceit and cover-ups imaginable.

In fact, we have seen cover-up’s that would make certain of our local politicians cringe !!!

Allow for a minimum of 3 hours of intrigue, mayhem & tongue in cheek FUN !

The section on “options” will enlighten you further.

Game Options

We hold the South African rights for these internationally successful dinner games. They were in fact the very first murder dinner game to have been produced way back in 1984 (the same year as MURDER SHE WROTE graced TV screens world wide).

Once your plot is chosen you will receive a special theme setting invitation for each of your guests. This is handed out about a week before your murder and via this invite you allocate each guest his or her character. On the night your suspects (guests) will peel away layers of tongue in cheek clues, motives and alibis. Each suspect then tries to dig up the dirty, slimy, grimy facts on the others at the table, whilst attempting to keep their own motives secret!

Only during the game will the real culprit(s) find out who they are, and then the fun takes on a new twist of outrageous alibis and accusations.

Participants do not need acting experience as scripts are provided, that guide each character through their role in the murder.

The game is best played during the meal i.e. eat & play and depending how involved the players get; can take up to between 3 & 4 hilarious hours to catch the guilty party(ies).

The minimum number of players required is 8 and any increase must be in groups of 8.