5 Chilling Christmas murder mysteries to read this holiday season

If murder mysteries are your passion, you’ll love these classic murder mystery books that’ll tide you over the festive season to your next murder mystery evening. If you enjoy your murder mystery novels with an amateur sleuth finding the truth about dead bodies, surviving peril in a large country house and a cast of eccentric, […]

Murder Mystery Parties are Perfect for Hen Parties!

We all know that planning your wedding is a time-consuming and stressful event where you have to find the perfect venue, the perfect dress and make sure all the seating arrangements, food and invites are organised for your special day. Many brides’ hen parties are made up of women who may not know each other, […]

Simple improvisation tricks for murder mystery beginners

At Murder Mystery, all our stories are designed to be highly enjoyable to first time sleuths and experienced detectives alike, which means that there are various parts of the night where you’ll need to improvise your way to the truth (or, indeed, hide it). It’s simply a fact that people either love or hate improvisation […]

Essential Staples You Need to Create Any Costume

Some people are put off by murder mystery dinners because the thought of buying everything you need for a costume, just for one night, can be expensive. At Murder Mystery, we know you don’t have to buy a special costume for every murder mystery event you go to. Instead, by building up a box full […]

4 Crime Novels You Need to Read before a Murder Mystery Party

When you come to a murder mystery dinner, you’ll quickly become aware how crime novels and popular culture shape the mysteries you enjoy. From small references and ‘easter eggs’ to utilising an entire style of plot, the influences of great crime novels can be experienced throughout the evening. Anyone who loves murder mysteries will love […]

The 3 Types of Character Murder Mystery Dinners Need

When you sign up for a murder mystery dinner, you’ll be given a character you (hopefully) find interesting, entertaining and you look forward to playing. Depending on the setting of the game, different character archetypes will be sent out to players for them to play. Despite this, there are four kinds of characters that are […]

The Four Best Real Life Detectives

Part of any great crime story is the detective, who against all odds, manages to find the villain and restore justice. We all love fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Columbo, but there are plenty of amazing real life detectives who’ve saved lives, seen deadly criminals receive justice and generally made their cities safer places […]

How to Host Your Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery is one of the most popular themes for a group gathering. They can be scary, interesting and fun, or can be a massive flop! We are here to help so you can organise the best murder mystery and have a right old scream in the process. Preparation Arguably the most important part of […]

7 Common Signs that Someone’s Lying

When you attend your first murder mystery dinner, you’ll quickly realise that they way to find out the identity of the murderer and in doing so, win the game, is to figure out who’s telling the truth, who’s holding information back and who’s lying. There are seven common signs that the liars in your party […]

Four Infamous Real Murder Mysteries

The joy of murder mysteries is based in the fact that everyone who takes part is actually entirely safe, and by the end of the evening, you’ll have successfully figured out who the ‘murderer’ is. Many murder mysteries take their inspiration from a mixture of crime novels and actual murder mysteries. Some of them are […]

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