Tips for Getting Into Character

Murder mystery dinners are great fun, you get to take on a whole other persona for the evening as you battle crime (or try to pin it on someone else). For quite a few people, however, becoming someone else can be difficult, especially when things get intense. These tips and advice will help you to […]

How To Dress Up for a Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinner rely on the atmosphere created by guests to provide a thrilling and fun evening with your friends or co-workers. We maintain responsibility for decorating your venue, paving the way for high amounts of intrigue and melodrama throughout the night. If you’re new to murder mysteries, this may seem a bit daunting. One […]

Classic Murder Mystery Mistakes

All amateur sleuths have to start somewhere and for many, this involves taking part in a murder mystery for the very first time. Whilst this is undoubtedly daunting, it can also be a brilliant learning curve, the more events you attend, the better you become at solving crimes. Along the way you might make the […]

Most Obvious Murder Motives

Usually there’s a motive behind a murder. In the vast majority of cases there is usually some purpose behind the crime, something has triggered the act, and made a person want to kill. Attend a murder mystery evening and knowing some of the main reasons for murder could be useful as you start to unravel […]

Must-ask questions at Murder Mystery Parties

One of the easiest ways to catch the killer at a murder mystery evening is to ask the right types of questions.  Sure, you can put your detective skills to great use, observe people, examine the basics and focus on events as they unfold, but you need to ask multiple questions as well, to finally […]

How to Sleuth like Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes might have been a fictional detective but his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, armed Baker Street’s finest with a multi-array of skills, enabling him to use deduction, and solve the most complex of crimes. Learn some of these skills and you might just find they come in handy the next time you attend […]

Fiendish Facts to help you Catch a Murderer

Murder Mystery evenings are fun, social occasions, you get the chance to play the role of detective, look for clues, question suspects, and the ultimate aim of the evening is to solve a crime. Whereas a murder mystery evening is fun, real life killings are chilling. Acts of crime are committed by cold, calculating individuals, […]

Three perfect poisons for murder mystery plots

Part of the fun of writing a puzzling murder mystery is thinking of devious ways to kill off your main characters. Shootings and stabbings are always popular, clubbing the character over the head with a blunt object is another option to include, or you could poison one of the characters and get rid of them […]

Clue spotting for amateur detectives

To have any chance of solving a murder mystery you need to brush up on clue spotting skills. This gets better with time, the more mysteries you attend the better your clue spotting becomes, and the more confident you become as an amateur detective. Throughout any murder mystery evening there’ll be plenty of clues littered […]

What makes a really good detective?

One of the greatest challenges of a murder mystery dinner is trying to detect the obvious whilst picking up on essential clues. Some people make brilliant amateur detectives, others fall at the first red herring and haven’t got any idea who has committed the crime. You need a specific set of skills to be effective […]

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