Planning the crime for a murder mystery

The crime is the key component to a murder mystery. Sure, you need a setting, a theme and characters to play their parts, without a crime though the evening would quickly draw to a close. How do you conjure up a crime if you have no experience of dastardly deeds?  And what should you be […]

Habits to avoid at a murder mystery dinner

Trust us, the best way to enjoy a Murder Mystery dinner is to embrace this wonderful experience and immerse yourself fully into the evening that lies ahead. Whether you have paid to go on a murder mystery evening or been told you’ll be taking part by a well-meaning boss, let go of those inhibitions and […]

How to lie at a Murder Mystery event

Learning how to spot a liar is one thing. Establishing yourself as a liar is a something else. Most people are honest and they wouldn’t consider telling an untruth. The average person finds lying difficult which is kind of awkward if you are asked to play a role at a Murder Mystery evening. Learn a […]

Could you spot a liar at a Murder Mystery dinner?

Think you could spot a liar at a murder mystery evening? Part of the fun of attending this type of occasion is working out who is telling the truth and who is telling outright lies. People are assigned roles at murder mystery evenings, they are given clear instructions and during the evening you’ll meet role-playing […]

5 Famous fictional detectives

Here at Murder Mystery we love nothing more than donning our metaphorical detective caps and getting stuck into a good murder mystery story. Our murder mystery nights are a lot of fun, whether you’re doing some corporate bonding or doing something a bit different for your birthday! We take our inspiration from some of the […]

The History of Cluedo

One of the most popular mystery board games, Cluedo has provided hours of enjoyment for a number of generations across the globe. At Murder Mystery we love the chance to solve a good mystery, which is why we decided to have a deeper look into the history of Cluedo.   (via Birmingham Mail)   When […]

Why all the Fascination with Murder Mystery?

It’s safe to say that murder mystery fiction has a rich and enthralling history. From the carefully crafted characters of Agatha Christie to the mystery and intrigue woven by Raymond Chandler, stories of murder and consequences have fascinated us all for generations. The murder mystery has firmly permeated societal culture, and entertained us all for […]

The Ingredients of a Successful Whodunit

Plotting a successful whodunit requires the skilful blending of a number of key ingredients. When executed with precision a whodunit will intrigue, engage, and excite those participating. Should the event be poorly scripted, feature uninspired characters, or offer no real suspense, the mystery will flop. This will be the real tragedy of the occasion. What […]

Treat your Employees to a Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinner parties are a great way to bond people together. The shared experience is one that will not be soon forgotten. Rewarding your employees with an invitation to such an engaging event after years of faithful service is a unique and original way to strengthen internal relationships. Organising the Event To enhance the […]

How to Develop an Intriguing Murder Mystery Plot

The murder mystery is one of the more potent and exciting storylines. Creating the right framework and executing all the elements of the story to the letter is essential. Here are the main points to consider. The Theme or Mood of the Mystery In simply terms, the mood or theme determines the precise content or […]

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