Some people are put off by murder mystery dinners because the thought of buying everything you need for a costume, just for one night, can be expensive. At Murder Mystery, we know you don’t have to buy a special costume for every murder mystery event you go to. Instead, by building up a box full of staple costume pieces, you’ll find that you soon have a costume ready, no matter the theme or setting. You can also raid it for Halloween and birthday parties!

Face paint or costume make-up

Face paints and costume make-up kits are indispensable, whether you want to redden your cheeks, add freckles or give yourself a monobrow, there’s no easier way. If you go for costume make-up, you can create dramatic looks to finish off the rest of your costume.

Plastic toy guns

Whether a number of murder mystery dinner set in the 1920s or the American Wild West, many different characters can be finished off with a plastic toy gun. Cowboys, 1920s gangsters and spies all have access to at least a pistol. Not only will it finish off your costume, but it could soon become an indispensable prop you can use to win the game.

A smart suit/ little black dress

Similarly, a number of characters wear some sort of smart suit. Rich businessmen, spies and 1920s gangsters all dress smartly to not only look good, but to sometimes give themselves an extra air of respectability.

A little black dress is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Whether you’re playing an investigative journalist, a 1920s flapper, a rich heiress or a lady of luxury, the same little black dress can be used time and time again for great effect. Just make sure you have a number of different accessories to finish off your look.

Velvet corduroy clothing

If your murder mystery is set in the hippy hey-days of the sixties and seventies, velvet corduroy clothing will help you to really feel part of the era. You can also use it if you’re playing an eccentric academic, lady or gentleman or a journalist.


Obviously, the more items you add to your fancy dress box, it’ll be easier for you to quickly piece together a great costume without having to buy new clothes. Whatever the theme, Murder Mystery will guarantee your murder mystery dinner is thrilling for everyone.

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