Murder mystery is one of the most popular themes for a group gathering. They can be scary, interesting and fun, or can be a massive flop! We are here to help so you can organise the best murder mystery and have a right old scream in the process.


Arguably the most important part of the murder mystery process is in the preparation, this is where all your ideas get put into practice. The first part of the preparation is choosing the theme, whether you want to experiment with something innovative, or go for a safe theme is up to you. The main thing is to pick a theme you know you’ll enjoy and that’ll come through in your execution of your party.

1. Venue

The venue is another decision you have to make; the right amount of space, the right lighting and the general ambiance of the room is a massive factor into the venue you decide to use. Having the right venue can massively improve your party, and it’ll help to create the right mood for the murder mystery.

2. Props

Now you’ve decided what theme you are going for and chosen the venue, your next decision is picking the props you need to pull off your amazing night. It is a fine line with props. Too many can be overkill, too little and it’s just not enough! Pick props you know will enhance the experience and you can’t go wrong.

3. Menu

Finally, think about the menu you choose. The food choice should be something you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy, having good food that suits the style of the theme, or the tone of the evening, is a nice little touch to the menu.

On the day

Once you’ve established the theme, menu, props and venue you’ve still got to pull it all off. Whichever venue you choose, get down there early to set it all up. There’s always more than you think you need to do, you’ve got to set up the clues, lay out the props and dress the venue in time. It’s best to get all this stuff done earlier so you are not rushing just before your guests arrive.

Your guests arrive and you’re having tons of fun, but what happens at the end of the evening when someone solves the murder mystery? Well obviously you have food and drinks, but what does the winner get? It’s not a bad idea to have some form of prize. This creates a competitive edge to an enjoyable night, and incentives amateur sleuths.

Reward hard work and hand out gifts to the guests that have managed to work out whodunit.


So there you go, a few tips to get your murder mystery party sorted. I f you don’t fancy organising all of that, check out our website, we have oodles of mysterious themes we can offer you!

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