When you sign up for a murder mystery dinner, you’ll be given a character you (hopefully) find interesting, entertaining and you look forward to playing. Depending on the setting of the game, different character archetypes will be sent out to players for them to play.

Despite this, there are four kinds of characters that are always used in a murder mystery dinner. These character types add intrigue and plot twists, allowing you, the player, to fully immerse yourself in the evening and become invested in the outcome of the night.

The character with a grudge

This character was slighted by another or maybe they’re simply jealous of another character’s success, but a character with a grudge to bear instantly adds an air of tension and provides a great place for you to start investigating.

They’re usually the character with the most obvious motivation to kill, and are essentially the same as the character at the dinner for revenge. This character is perfect if you want to ensure you’re at the centre of the action and get to talk to everyone.

Just be warned that you’ll also be accused of committing the murder a lot, even if you didn’t.

The character looking for their big break

Maybe you’re a freelance journalist, maybe you’re a struggling author….whatever you’re struggling to do; everything is in an attempt to get your big break. Often, this character is materially poor and using this event as a way to get sponsorship or a patron to support them.

With so much wealth so close, how far is your struggling character willing to go to get their big break?

Playing this character is a lot of fun if you want to constantly chase people and appeal to their better nature. Aspiring journalists in particular can be expected to ask a lot of intrusive questions of other characters and often reap their rewards when someone else messes up their answer.

The criminal character

This character may be part of the mafia, an old thief or even a bodyguard with a short temper. Like the character with a grudge, they’re often one of the first characters to be suspected of the murder. Despite this, they’re often likely to have lots of connections to the other characters, have blackmail material or just have favours owed to them.

Usually not very clever, this character is great to play if you want to let loose and act before you think. You’ll get to confront lots of other characters and your forthright manner may just cause the murderer to lose their cool.


Murder Mystery dinners are a great way to socialise with your friends in an entirely new way. Find out new things about your friends. To book your murder mystery dinner, call 011 896 5810 or contact us online today.

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