What is A Murder Dinner

Whilst at one stage or another we know someone who we feel we would like to bump off ! A murder dinner is not that opportunity.

The fun actually starts when your guests arrive.  A Mystery is announced and the guests divulge the biggest lot of fabrications, deceit and cover-ups imaginable.

The guests choose their character’s on the night, and they choose character accessories to suit their role.

The real action now kicks in as each person tries to prove their innocence by proving someone else at their table guilty !

In fact, we have seen cover-up’s that would make certain of our local politicians cringe !!!

Participants do not need acting experience as scripts are provided, that guide each character through their role in the murder.

The murder plot is usually played around a meal.
Allow for a 1.5 hours of intrigue, mayhem & tongue in cheek FUN !